Achieve Improved Business Results

We have extensive experience delivering improved business results through deploying cloud-based solutions to solve business problems and maximizing the performance of our clients' supplier base.

VendorResults - our cloud-based Vendor Management Solution

  Why do we always need to hunt for information about our supply base in disparate locations? Create a single source of truth for all vendors...

Strategic Sourcing

Reduce your supplier spend, improve performance and advance your maturity through strategic sourcing. Achieve significant performance...

IT Strategy Enablement through Sourcing

IT is under pressure to reduce both operating and capital costs. Effective sourcing strategies can be the quickest way of reducing costs....

Vendor Management Leading Practices

Develop vendor management processes to improve supplier performance. Effective vendor governance requires the implementation of leading...

Maximize supplier value by exploiting leading Vendor Management practices and solutions:


  • Develop sourcing strategies to reduce vendor Opex spend for services as much as 30%

  • Significant improvement in Capex spend for services in excess of 150%

  • Continuous improvement plans to reduce Opex by 3-7% Year over Year

  • Vendor-led innovation and transformation initiatives producing net new benefits

  • Significant reduction of IT backlogs leading to higher business satisfaction

  • Deploying cloud-based Vendor Management solutions to streamline vendor management

About JustBusinessResults Inc.

JustBusinessResults Inc. was founded by Kalvin MacDonald in March of 2008 to work with clients experiencing significant challenges working with suppliers to achive their goals:

   An inability to use vendor delivered services to achieve their business goals
   Lack of understanding how to contract with global vendors and manage their performance against business goals and a business case
   Inability to be successful engaging offshore resources through outsourcing contracts
   IT operating costs tied up in maintaining the "status quo" or in paying for a dependency on expensive specialized IT expertise
   Fears about moving to less costly internet cloud computing applications due to concerns about security, privacy and integrating with technologies currently in use


Since 2008, we have led projects which have included Customer Relationship Management, Customer portals, and integrated reporting - all delivered from the Cloud. In the last five years we have focused on supplier management, outsourcing and aligning sourcing strategies with the needs of business to reduce Opex, achieve a greater return on capital, while improving maturity and performance of internal practices. We have also developed Vendor Management solutions using the Salesforce platform. You may find our AppExchange listing here.

Kalvin has worked for 25+ years in the High Tech industry. During that time his clients have benefited from his focus on generating improved business results by exploiting leading practices and technology. He brings that same focus to strategic sourcing and vendor management. See Kalvin's LinkedIn profile.