Our Vendor Management Solution

Why do we always need to hunt for information about our supply base in disparate locations? Create a single source of truth for all vendors.

VendorResults offers a solution for tracking your entire Vendor Management lifecycle:

  • Developing vendor classifications, capabilities, activities, contracts, outcomes
  • Purchase requests, orders, recurring transactions, vendor spend
  • Products, subscription titles, service catalogs
  • Vendor scorecards
  • Integrate with your ERP transaction data
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Accessible on any device

Strategic Sourcing

Reduce your supplier spend, improve performance and advance your maturity through strategic sourcing.

Achieve significant performance improvements:

  • Increase buying power through vendor marketplaces
  • Reduce costs, improve performance and maturity through outsourcing
  • Use strategic contracting to achieve your short and long term goals
  • Transform your business with strategic sourcing underpinned by a solid business case
  • Develop strategies which exploit vendor delivered services
  • Implement and manage supplier continous improvement programs
  • Create an innovation program to deploy strategic investments from your strategic suppliers

IT Strategy Enablement through Sourcing

IT is under pressure to reduce both operating and capital costs. Effective sourcing strategies can be the quickest way of reducing costs.

Implement IT sourcing strategies to:

  • Exploit best practices from global providers
  • Ring fence lagacy technologies to focus on strategic transformational initiatives
  • Use outsourcing to conserve Opex
  • Exploit vendor delivered services to achieve better return on capital
  • Use scalable vendor services to support mergers and transformation
  • Reduce reliance on high cost contractors
  • Focus your employees on high value work
  • Establish continuous improvement and innovation programs with strategic partners
  • Demistifying "as a Service"

Vendor Management Leading Practices

Develop vendor management processes to improve supplier performance.

Effective vendor governance requires the implementation of leading practices:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual performance review processes to align on performance expectations
  • Commercial and governance processes to support outsourcing
  • Business case development to support vendor led initiatives
  • Contract management
  • Continous improvement programs
  • Innovation councils